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How I became a Most Trusted Adviser

Katherine Hann | 25-Jan-2016

How I became a Most Trusted Adviser


Your Adviser Named among Most Trusted Adviser in Australia 2016

I would like to thank all of my wonderful clients that contributed to and completed the survey for the Beddoes Institute.

Thanks to you, I have been named as a 'Most Trusted Adviser".

Beddoes Institute has analysed thousands of client ratings from a survey of over 400 advisers and identified objective benchmarks of exceptional client service and performance including an Adviser Trust Score (ATIS™) of 85 or more.

In fact, my score, nominated by you was 91!

Dr Tucker of the Beddoes Institute had decided to create the Network because of the high level of satisfaction it observed among clients of the top advisers.

“For the last three years, we’ve been working with a number of advisers as part of our Leading Practices Program. These advisers are definitely in the top 20% of the spectrum in terms of their performance, standards and outcomes.

As a result of working with all of those advisers, we have several thousand client experience ratings; ratings across the whole journey that a consumer takes, in terms of approaching advice, the early stages with an adviser, through to becoming a long-term client.

“It’s a little bit like being able to talk to thousands of neighbours over the back fence about how to find an adviser they can trust.”

The survey show that trusted advisers are highly effective at building strong and enduring relationships with their clients.

This translates into clients that are more likely to reach for, accept and act on advice recommendations.
The survey allowed clients to give specific feedback and below is what my clients said about me:
“Ability to explain complex matters in easy to understand language. Patient, friendly, inviting manner when meeting with her. Excellently organised in meetings. Always willing to "do a little more to help and support". Ability to communicate in a way that is not condescending or overbearing. Able to quickly gauge how you feel about ideas and tailor her advice to meet your needs.”

You can source my details of the network via the website: MostTrustedAdviser