4 Ways To Prevent Fights About Money With Your Partner

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-Katherine Hann
May 20, 2017

4 Ways To Prevent Fights About Money With Your Partner

By Katherine Hann

​ 4 Ways To Prevent Fights About Money With Your Partner


4 Ways to prevent fights about money with your partner

My Mum used to say to me while I was growing up that couples only ever fought about two things: sex and money. Here are some tips about the money side of things I have learnt through being a financial adviser and through life experience:

1) Be honest

Let your partner know about your income, expenses, assets (those things you own) and your debt and ask the same of them.

2) Be Open

In many relationships, one partner can earn more money than the other and therefore cover more of the expenses. It might be that one of you is staying
home to look after children. Check with each other regularly that you are both still happy with how this is working.

3) Have ‘Fun’ money

As you’re setting your budgets and planning a financial future together, be sure to set a little aside for yourself each pay. This could be to go out with
friends or treat yourself to something that makes you happy. This ensures that both partners feel that they’ve maintained some independence when it
comes to their own financial situation.

4) Create a shared financial vision and plan

Not enough people have any sort of plan in place when it comes to their own finances. You have committed to a relationship, and money becomes a significant
part of that. Sit down with a financial adviser and start mapping out your financial plan.

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