5 reasons why people are reluctant to seek financial advice

"Instead of showcasing the challenges of women as a group, I look to help each woman as an individual with a plan that is right for them."
-Katherine Hann
August 16, 2016

5 reasons why people are reluctant to seek financial advice

By Katherine Hann

5 reasons why people are reluctant to seek financial advice

5 Reasons why people are reluctant to seek financial advice

Reason #1: “I don’t trust anyone when it comes to my money”

Any industry will always have unscrupulous people out there trying to take advantage of others.

Recent media attention has focused on a very few individuals who have not done the right thing by their clients, which may cause some distrust
regarding financial advice.

Fact: Actually, the opposite is true, most advisers want
to help their clients and legislation makes it fundamental that all clients receiving advice be put in a better position.

Reason #2: “I’m smart. I can manage my finances myself.”

Actually, all my clients are smart as they have realised the expertise of a financial coach and councillor.

Intelligence isn’t always what you know but knowing where to find the information you need.

How an advisor can help: I help my clients put together financial plans, identify risks,
talk them through market volatility where they might be tempted to make an emotionally driven investment decision, and help them identify their

Reason #3: “My financial situation isn’t that complex.”

It is true that everyone’s circumstances are different. Even if you think it’s not that complicated, there may be several things that you hadn’t
considered or even knew to ask about that I can help you identify and decide how to best move forward.

Idea: Even if your situation is not complex, it does not mean you are optimising your finances

Reason #4: “I don’t understand my money situation.”

Most people are uncomfortable talking about money, especially if they think they haven’t been good managers of their financial life.

Fact: You are definitely not alone…
think about how many financial advisory firms are out there; they’re there because there are many people just like you need help. Advisors have seen it all, and revel in the idea of helping people have better financial outcomes than they are currently getting.

Reason #5: “It’s too late for me.”

It’s never too late to take control of your finances so you can shift your focus to the rest of your life and relax. There is documented evidence
that people who receive great financial advice are happier, healthier and live longer. Why shouldn’t that be you!

Fact: Whether you are just starting out or nearing the latter stages of retirement, there
are financial worries that a quality advisor can help you solve.

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