Budgeting-how to make it exciting!

"I see my role if needed as a financial mentor but one who can show warmth, practicality and empathy."
-Katherine Hann
September 13, 2016

Budgeting-how to make it exciting!

By Katherine Hann

Budgeting-how to make it exciting!


Budgeting-how to make it exciting!

It doesn’t matter how much you earn or even what you spend as long as you know what these things are and plan for what you want.

Of course I add to the above comment that you need to spend less than you earn. However, the point is to have the money to do what you want.

In my group of friends at the moment it is travel. The kids have grown up and are financially independent but we are not ready to retire, so we all
want to see something of the world.

In my children’s age group, they are just starting to earn a good income and thinking about saving for a home.

Some of my clients are asking how much they will need to live on in retirement.

Many people really don’t know what they spend now, so the first step is to work that out.

There is a great budget calculator on the “Money Smart” website (see link below) which I often recommend.


If you are reading this then you are interested in improving your finances, so take the challenge and work out your budget!

Sometimes it can be overwhelming to take that first step and it is easy just to worry about it and do nothing.

Of course, a good financial adviser can help you with this, so if you do need help,contact Katherine Hann.