End of Financial Year

"When I speak with women specifically I want to focus on them as people not just as a group or the gender "woman"."
-Katherine Hann
May 1, 2017

End of Financial Year

By Katherine Hann

End of Financial Year


6 Reasons to see your adviser before the end of the financial year

1. Transition to retirement

There are certain actions and activities that can ensure a smooth transition to retirement and the rules are changing. Are you 55 or over? How will
this affect you?

2. Consolidating superannuation into the one fund

The number of people with multiple super funds is quite amazing. I can help you gather all of your super into one fund which will save administration
fees and paperwork.

3. The opportunity to get a tax deduction for Income Protection Insurance

The end of the tax year focuses most of us on tax deductibility. If you are the owner of the policy, income protection is a tax deduction, have you
considered this?

4. Reviewing the nomination of beneficiary under your super fund

The number of incorrect and out of date nomination of beneficiary cases is astounding. Incorrect names, former partners or grown up children who are
no longer dependent on you. This needs to be addressed to make sure the right amount of money goes to the correct person in the quickest time.

5. Event changes to estates

Has there been a new family member, death or divorce in the last year?

Has anyone in the family had a job change or health issues? Keep you adviser updated so she can help you.

6. Contributions to super

Salary sacrifice, super contributions if you are self-employed, access to the government co-contribution. Beware of the contribution caps.

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