From an Adviser’s Perspective: The Things That Worry Clients the Most

"When I speak with women specifically I want to focus on them as people not just as a group or the gender "woman"."
-Katherine Hann
August 3, 2017

From an Adviser’s Perspective: The Things That Worry Clients the Most

By Katherine Hann

From an Adviser's Perspective: The Things That Worry Clients the Most

As a financial adviser, I meet a diverse range of people in some very different circumstances, but for me it really helps to get some perspective from
other advisers on what they’ve experienced too!

I came across this article on advisor-ratings and thought it would be great to share with everybody.

Advisers were asked what the main concerns clients had about their finances and the economy and there appeared to be Three Main Areas of Concern

1. Having Enough to Retire On

Constant changes lead to confusion and a break-down in trust with our government. How do you come up with a strategy to plan effectively for retirement
when the rules keep changing? How do you get ahead and plan for the future?

2. Managing Money: Budgeting / Cash Flow / Debt Reduction

Money is about so much more than success, it’s not all about cash flow tables – it’s about lifestyle, and getting the one that you want! I work by
educating clients and making them more aware of their situation to make informed decisions about what strategies they can use to save.

3. Market Volatility

People seem concerned about how war, international trade, and the election of Donald Trump will affect Australia’s economy. I regularly talk people through
the effects of ‘a bad year’ and how to manage in such a situation.

We advisers are not simply stock pickers or insurance sellers. We are investigators who analyse your situation to help identify financial goals, then form
strategies with a range of products that you may not have access to otherwise, or even knew were available! We can act as financial coaches to listen
to your concerns, assess your fears, and work with you to become more secure and educated about your finances.