How Do You Boost Your Superannuation?

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-Katherine Hann
September 27, 2016

How Do You Boost Your Superannuation?

By Katherine Hann

How Do You Boost Your Superannuation?

How Do You Boost Your Superannuation?

Worried you won’t have enough money to retire on?

How do you calculate what you will need and how to save enough in super for that retirement dream?

There are things you can do now to have the retirement you want.

There are retirement calculators online, however for a more accurate illustration, your financial adviser can help you determine how much you will need.

Here are 3 things to think about which will help you plan for your retirement:

  • First, have an idea when you want to retire. If it is after age 65 then you are allowed access to your super benefits without limitation.
  • Finally, now you will know if you have any spare money to put towards your superannuation in additional contributions. This will help you boost your
    super and can have tax advantages.

Drastic changes to your lifestyle are not necessary when you want to grow your superannuation fund.

If you start to plan your retirement early, you are less likely to make big changes to your current lifestyle. So you have three choices:

  • Do nothing – As long as you are sure that your employer is making super contributions on your behalf, you could just continue going to work and earning
    money. Compulsory contributions from employers are called Superannuation Guarantee.
  • Do a little – Although you might not be ready to plan for your retirement, you can start by learning more about your super, how it is invested and
    what fees you are paying.
  • Do a lot – Engage with a financial planner and together you can start to plan for your retirement.

I recommend the last option. Take advantage of a financial adviser’s knowledge and skills to help boost your superannuation.

Of course I’d be thrilled to have a no obligation talk to you about this, so fee free to call or leave a message by clicking on the link below.