Lost Super

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-Katherine Hann
April 13, 2016

Lost Super

By Katherine Hann

Lost Super

How to find your lost super

Have you ever had more than one job, changed address or changed your name?

If you haven’t let your super fund know, you may have lost super.

On average, every working Australian has three super accounts potentially costing them thousands of dollars over a working life.

This is your money, so how do you find it?

If you have any of your old statements filed away, drag them out and look for the name of the Super fund and your member or policy number.

You can use the ATO’s (Australian Tax Office) MyGov service to see details of all of your super accounts. You must register for a login, which can also give you access to other government services such as Centrelink and Medicare.

Use the ATO’s SuperSeeker service which searches the Lost Members Register and other ATO records, such as ATO-held super accounts and unclaimed super money.

The federal government has changed the super rules which means that your ‘lost’ super account could be transferred to the ATO without your consent. Don’t worry though, you can get your super back from the ATO.

Try AUSfund which looks after the lost super of millions of Australians for some of the largest super funds in Australia.

BEWARE-before transferring all of your lost super into one account (which is known as super consolidation) it is essential to check if you have current insurance within any of your super funds.

If you transfer (or rollover) your super to another fund, you could lose your insurance. Consider if you might have had a medical condition that no longer allows you to apply for insurance-this could put you in a worse position!

However, the best way to increase your super, consolidate your funds and make sure you don’t lose any of your insurance is to make an appointment with a Financial Adviser.

Katherine Hann has the expertise and knowledge to put you in a better position with your super. Make an appointment by phoning 08 8299997 today.