Online and On-Demand

"Instead of showcasing the challenges of women as a group, I look to help each woman as an individual with a plan that is right for them."
-Katherine Hann
November 1, 2017

Online and On-Demand

By Katherine Hann

Online and On-Demand

In today’s world we are seeing more and more services move to the online environment. We can now order tickets, food, gadgets and other products that we
used to go to a physical shopfront for.

In addition to this we can book services online, and many will even offer a full service such as an online degree, online technical help, and even lodging
your tax return.

Some of the benefits of moving a business online can include cost savings in rent and staffing, flexibility in service and product delivery (for customers
who are far away), access outside of hours for people who work a 9-5 day, and efficiency of having it all in the one place. Let’s face it, when was the last time you visited a physical branch at your bank?

But what about those services where we value the human interaction? What does everyone think of self-service
checkouts at supermarkets? Would you want to talk to a lawyer or accountant via online chat?

Given that financial advice requires disclosing both personal and financial information, would you be willing to pay for financial advice online if it
were cheaper, and could it still be properly regulated and supervised?

It will be interesting to see how everything changes in the next decade.

Until then, I hope that my clients benefit from interacting with me in person as much as I enjoy talking to all of them.