Reservations I Hear About Financial Planners

"I find that it helps to break down the big picture into smaller achievable tasks and to recognise and celebrate these achievements along the way."
-Katherine Hann
January 23, 2018

Reservations I Hear About Financial Planners

By Katherine Hann

Reservations I Hear About Financial Planners


I hear some people are uncertain about advisers, and often the same sorts of comments pop up. So I’d like to take this opportunity to respond to some of
these reservations people have about the financial planning process.


Here are just 3 that I have heard.


1. They are only ‘worth it’ for wealthier clients because they are expensive.

My clients have a very wide range of incomes, and I offer services that benefit people in different wealth categories. How much I charge depends on what you want me to do. I will always tell you the amount it will cost you before I make any recommendations. Just think about
an accountant- a simple tax return can be very inexpensive but to have that accountant help you with business accounting, SMSF’s or just complex accounting
in general could cost you a lot more.


2. They just try to put me into one of their superannuation funds and they have really high fees.

The name of the superannuation fund you are invested in is irrelevant- you need to be invested in the assets that are right for you. Fees and returns often depend on what you are invested in. I make a recommendation simply based on what is best for you. Returns can’t be guaranteed as they depend on what the markets are doing.


3. I already know how to save money for retirement/invest. 

Many people do OK on their own. They may be able to budget well, organise their super or invest on their own. However, they might just want advice because
something has changed in their lives and they need help, or they just want to improve. It is my job to focus on financial planning- that is what I do all day. I have to learn and constantly keep up to date with things like taxation, investments, super and insurance. I aim to put you in a better position than you would have been without me
and I have many long-term clients who are very happy that I have helped them do that.


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