The Australian Census is Out! So Just Who Are We?

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-Katherine Hann
June 27, 2017

The Australian Census is Out! So Just Who Are We?

By Katherine Hann

The Australian Census is Out! So Just Who Are We?

There was some controversy surrounding the last round of data collection from the Australian Bureau of Statistics. A large part of this was concerning
the privacy of data and a minor miscalculation of the people wishing to submit online.

Regardless, we gain a wealth of useful information from this process, and today the census of 2016 was released to the public.

The census gives us a snapshot over the past 5 years, and tells us what is going on in Australia. By filling out the census, you were given the opportunity
to represent yourself!

So, what did the 2016 census tell us about the last 5 years?

Some useful information we gained since 2011:

  • There are less people owning their homes outright, with more people opting have loans on multiple properties.
  • We are even more multicultural, with more people born overseas. 
  • People are less religious than they were.
  • There are more single parent families.
  • We have a big increase in reported same-sex couples.
  • 85 is the new 65

The ABC released an infographic <here> which gives a picture of who we are, where we live and what we do. 

For more information on wages, demographics and our living standards, have a look at the Australian Bureau of Statistics Census website for regular updates and more detailed information.