What kind of investor are you?

"I find that it helps to break down the big picture into smaller achievable tasks and to recognise and celebrate these achievements along the way."
-Katherine Hann
February 16, 2016

What kind of investor are you?

By Katherine Hann

What kind of investor are you?

What kind of Investor are you?

The first thing to remember when you answer this question, is there is no right or wrong answer.
It is what you are comfortable with that is important (commonly known as the sleep at night test!).

Below are three broad categories of investors-remember, the more risk you take the more chance you have of a higher return, but also of having a negative return or losing money.
You don’t really want to risk your money and seek to protect most or all of your capital. You are happiest investing in cash, term deposits or bonds and realise you won’t make much of a return above inflation.
Medium risk investors are generally comfortable with significant ups and downs in the share market and understand that this is required for long term gain. Capital is spread across all asset classes with 50% in growth assets, such as shares (both Australian and International) and 50% in cash and bonds.
High risk investors are quite comfortable with the volatility of share markets and expect to make a higher return in reward for more risk in the long term. Up to 80% of the capital is invested in growth assets.

Approximately 80% of Australians have their super invested in a balanced option as it usually the default investment choice. A word of caution here-balanced can mean many things depending on which super fund you are with. Some balanced funds actually have an underlying growth investment and you may be taking more risk than you are aware of.

Have a conversation with your financial adviser to determine your risk profile and together organise an investment that helps you sleep at night.