You Don’t Need A New Year’s Resolution

"Instead of showcasing the challenges of women as a group, I look to help each woman as an individual with a plan that is right for them."
-Katherine Hann
January 10, 2017

You Don’t Need A New Year’s Resolution

By Katherine Hann

You Don't Need A New Year's Resolution

You Don’t Need A New Year’s Resolution

According to the latest MLC Quarterly Australian Wealth Behaviour Survey, Australians believe wealth means:

•being debt free,

• having enough money for emergencies

• being able to fund desired lifestyles

• doing what they chose to do

• being able to help out family and friends

Most people think they can achieve their financial goals with an annual income of less than $100,000 and with savings and investments of $818,000 in

However, only half of the respondents think they have done enough to achieve wealth, mainly because they are not earning enough.

The key factor in the failure to achieve their goals is self-doubt and the reason for doubt was the lack of a financial plan.

“Having a financial plan is crucial to feeling empowered and getting where you want to go with your money.”

January is a common time to think of your goals for the year, you don’t need a New Year’s Resolution but you do need a plan and most people need help.

Contact Katherine Hann, a “Most Trusted Adviser” and she will help you either get started or review
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