You Insured What?

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-Katherine Hann
December 6, 2017

You Insured What?

By Katherine Hann

You Insured What?

Some of you may have heard Jennifer Lopez has her derriere insured for $27million.

She’s not the only celebrity who’s insured a body part. 

Julia Roberts has insured her teeth for $30m, David Beckham has insured his legs for $70m, and Bruce Springsteen insured his vocal chords for a more modest

Are these publicity stunts, or is there some sense behind it?

In the case of celebs insuring body parts, they are protecting against their diminished earning capacity. Because protecting wealth is as important as accumulating it. Suddenly that doesn’t sound so silly at all.

So do you have your income producing assets insured? In your case that’s probably just ‘You in good health’
such as insuring your income should you become sick or injured. But it could be your business overheads or a key person in your business.

For more information on some of the available types of insurance, whether you can pay for it in your super, or whether you can claim a tax deduction, you
should see an adviser who knows a lot about Personal Insurance.

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